Filter rarely turns on or suctions - Model SF90110T


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Jun 27, 2019
In desepate need of help!! We just bought an Intex 18x9x52 rectangular pool. We have the Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump Model SF90110T. It takes a few tries to get the pump started. Once it starts there is no suction. We have water in the pool and Intex says it will take a week to send a new motor which they think is the problem. Is there anything we can do or try? I don’t want this water to turn green since we can’t get the filter to work. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!


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May 3, 2014
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Couple of options. You can use a brush or pole or broom or person to mix in chemicals. Or get a small sump pump and put in the pool to mix the water.

If you have not added any CYA yet, get some dichlor (shock - check the ingredients) and use that to chlorinate and add CYA to the pool. Do you have at least a two way drop test kit (TC and pH)? If not , get one.
Add 16 oz of dichlor a day. Do not add more than 8 lbs of it before switching to liquid chlorine.
I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry and consider reviewing the entire Pool School eBook.


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May 19, 2010
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It is not the pump and filter that prevent the water from going green. It is having appropriate levels of chlorine in the water that prevent algae from growing.

You can add chlorine to the pool and mix it in by brushing to prevent algae growth. Add 2ppm of chlorine using bleach everyday in the evening and mix it around (use PoolMath to calculate how much bleach that is).
You also need stabilizer in the pool to protect the FC. In your shoes I would get a chlorine tablet floater and puts some tablets in it and to help get chlorine in the water and to start to add CYA. Keep track of how many tablets you use so we can calculate how much CYA you have added.

What is your long term plan for a chlorine source?
What test kit are you planning on using?
I know you are stressing about the pump, but try to take a look at Pool School, starting with ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry