Filter pump keeps turning off! Intellicenter and IntelliFlo. Help!


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Mar 23, 2019
Southern Utah
Good Day to All,

I have a relatively new installiation, but not so new that it's under warranty, I'm afraid. Everything was installed in May 2019.
I have an Intellicenter, professionally installed with a IntelliFlow VSF filter pump and another Pentair pump for the waterfall. Recently I noticed that the filter pump would not be on, even though the intellicenter indicated it was selected on and the pump was confirmed to have power. After resetting the intellicenter, the pump will come on and prime and work for less than 5 minutes, then abruptly shut off. The screen on the pump says that it is disabled, since the intellicenter is controlling it.
I am wondering if anyone has see this, and if y'all have any ideas.
I thought about resetting the whole intellicenter, but I don't know how hard it is to reprogram everything.

Thanks for any input!


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Jul 7, 2014
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Most Pentair equipment comes with a three year warranty, so I can't see how it could be out of warranty..

What you describe is not normal and does not ring any bells as to normal failures.

The pump should say "Display not active" when IntelliCenter is controlling the pump, so that sounds good..

The question is... Is the IntelliCenter not telling the pump to run when it should, or is your programming bad and not telling the pump to run ??

Show us your schedules......

Is the IntelliFlo the only thing that is not working? What about your other scheduled pumps or actions?

Make sure that you are not in the Service mode.


Jim R.


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Mar 23, 2019
Southern Utah
So an update:

I ended up resetting the panel to factory defaults. Somehow I missed the part of the system where you can save the settings and configurations, so I spent the past couple of hours in the 105 heat figuring out how to, and successfully reprogramming the unit. So far so good, the pump stays on now. Another issue I that resolved in this process was the iPhone app... wasn't a huge issue, but the app had stopped connecting via the internet, rather it would only connect via IP to the unit directly. In other words, I was able to control the pool as long as I was on my home network, but not if I wasn't home. Well that issue is fixed also!

The bad news is that just before I reprogrammed the unit, the display on my IntelliPh went out, followed my the smell of electrical burning. I disconnected it, and took it apart. The ground pin in the connector was discolored from heat, and there are a couple of components on the board that look like they got too hot... I don't know if this possibly is the reason my Intellicenter started acting up, or what... So now that that's out of the picture and disconnected, my IC40 is working normally and adjustable via the Intellicenter but it is giving me a "communication lost" alarm, and no salt reading. Ugh.

Second Update:

The pump is still loosing communication with the intellicenter. Maybe less frequently, but it’s still not working. Time to call the service center. Internet connectivity is still better.
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