filter prob? and more... pool not clearing up after 3 weeks

May 25, 2010
Exact 7+ electronic swimming pool water testing kit

ph 7.3
cya=20 I added 2.5 # of wal mart stabylizer yesterday in a float in the middle of the pool, didnt have a sock habdy
hardness was low but i forgot the number

filter presure 16 after back wash
presure after 5 minutes vac TO FILTER 35 to 40# the water almost stops at the waterfall return to the pool
presure after runing the filter 24 hours 35# or so
ta-60 tagus sand filter new in 2003
new hayward 1.5 hp super pump 1 month old

OTHER inportant details i have a broken pipe under the ground im trying to find im guessing in the go back to the pool side. because there water on the ground on BOTH SIDES OF THE HOUSE. , I loose about 3 to 4 inches of water a day with the pump running on filter 24/7 ... 6 to 8 inches on recirculate.

we went through a flood here in New Orleans and I removed 5 feet of mud from the pool, cleansed and presure washed the the pool may 2009. before i first stated it may 2010, I back washed the pipes. I SCREWED UP and didnt think to use the net to remove everything from the bottom. when i realized it i removed about 1.5 .. 5 gallon buckets of crud kinda like a mud and insolation combined. we had some insolation fall into the pool during repairs and i thought i got it all out. im wondering if it is on top of the sand although i never seen any come out just dirty water. if it was on top why isnt it causing a problem during normal pump run. I dont feel i vac that much strainer is usully nice and clean except for once. i vacumed less than 1/4 of the pool with 4 back washes yesterday. usully 3 to 5 minutes and the return is almost stoped Maybe i should vac to waste and see what happens. wonder if i can put a pair of panty hose over the back wash to see what im catching.

removing the top of the filter involves replacing all the pipe since there are no unions and not any easy way to just cut use a coupling.

I know my pool is 19000 gallons in ground cement, since i paid to fill it last year. it has sat for a year turing a nice green color and home to frogs tad poles ect.

when I started reading this thread a month ago i have added about 100 gallons of wal mart bleach, cleaned the crud out of the botton, brushed the whole pool a couple times a week with a pool brush and finally got the water gray. but i cant see the botton of the shallow end. i see the second stept if the water sits with just the filter running and no brushing.

so here the problem my pool is not clearing . for the last week tc and fc has been about 8 to 12 ppm

i have a fine thin lawyer dust/dirt that settles on the botton and i have tried to vac it but the vac runs less then 5 minutes before it plugs the sand filter. i back wash the water doesnt look THAT dirty, like it does when i let the filter run all day. the water is just dirty for about a minute. a real light tan I BACK WASH FOR 3 MINUTES OR SO UNTIL IT LOOK KINDS CLEAR. the water runs clear for about 1/2 a minute then dirty for a minute or so then clean then i turn it back to filter

i never did a over night loss but i will tonight. im guessing a tc and a fc test about 10 hours apart. wondering if it will show any thing since the last couple of tests were so close < .5 ppm BETWEEN FC AND TC



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May 7, 2007
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With the filter pressure going up that rapidly you must have a lot of stuff that needs to be filtered out and a filter that is too small to really do the job. You need to backwash the filter much more frequently until the water clears up and the pressure stops going up that quickly. You should be backwashing the filter every time the pressure goes up to around 24.

You also need to get everything that isn't water out of the pool any way you can, vacuum to waste and refill frequently, vacuum in filter mode and backwash every five minutes, use a leaf net, do whatever it takes to get all debris out of the pool.

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