Filter pressure


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Apr 25, 2021
Vinyl inground pool is being built now and they recently finished all the wiring and plumbing and had me fill up prior to backfill which will be this week. They turned on the system to make sure pump, filter were good and no leaks or issues and it was fine but I noticed it was running around 20psi. It’s a Hayward sand filter and Hayward 2hp pump. Isn’t that fairly high? They said it was all good to go but figured I’d ask here too.


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May 3, 2014
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If single speed pump, most likely correct. Horrible to install a single speed pump. Hope your electric rates are low. 2kW+ per hour consumption with that motor.

Getting rid of single speed pumps. On July 19, they will have to install VS motors on new and replacement motors.
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