Filter pressure normal range?


Jul 9, 2020
Tucson AZ
Hi All. I recently had a zero pressure suction side leak situation which I fixed. But now I'm concerned about whether my baseline pressure is normal. I know there's million pressure threads but it seems to depend so much on the equipment being used.

With a freshly cleaned impellor, cleared strainer baskets and a backwashed filter my pressure is 5psi without my suction side pool vac connected. I have no air leaks. I have a"Vac-Mate" skimmer basket that lets me adjust the ratio of flow between the skimmer and vacuum. With the valve diverting max flow to the vac my pressure is 1.5-2psi, I need to set the flow mostly to the vac to get optimal wheel rotation. If I divert max flow to the skimmer side then my filter pressure is about 4psi and the vac limps around helplessly. The gauge is new and reads within a half psi as the old one and the one built into my air compressor. I recently replaced pretty much all of the well worn vac drivetrain parts except the turbine vanes, because I was concerned that it might be a source of excess pressure loss.

I have about 10'of 2" pipe between pump and skimmer and no main drain. I don't know when the filter sand was last changed, I've had the pool about a year and a half. Does this seem roughly normal? With my vacuum running and a filter pressure of 1.5 PSI am I good?


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Jul 3, 2013
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3/4 pump is not going to create much pressure... When I run my VS at 800 rpm it is about 2 psi.. It kicks up to 4 PSI at 1600 rpm... at 3200 rpm I can have 15 PSI with a 1.65 HP pump...
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