Filter pressure dropping to 0 after several minutes


New member
Jul 21, 2020
Milton, MA
I bought a new house that had pool issues so we recently replaced our pump, filter, and skimmer line. The work is done and I'm trying to get the pool up and running. I was running the pump 24/7 during a SLAM and noticed the pressure dropped to 0. I shut it down, cleaned some heavy debris out of the filter basket and strainer basket. Primed everything and started it back up. The pressure stays around 9 psi for 7-8 minutes and then drops to 0. I've also tried to eliminate a clog in the line as I believe I sucked in some leaves during the initial vacuuming. I used a drain bladder to try to remove any clogs but nothing much came out. I checked the impeller for clogs including removing the drive assembly and there was nothing. Every time I shut everything down and turn it back on the same thing happens - the psi stays around 9 for 7-8 minutes before dropping to 0.