Filter pressure dropping and holding?


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Jun 25, 2007
I recently installed a Hayward t180 filter and 1Hp hayward power max pump. Filter has 200lbs Zeobrite. Anyways, after doing the spring cleaning the pressure was hodling at roughly 19 psi. I have backwashed a few times, as I had an algae bloom and other issues getting the pool opened. I backwashed it today after vacuuming some funky stuff after a storm and the pressure dropped to 12, and is holding at 12 psi. Bad gauge? Something "stuck" that finally came out? I have not a clue, but my suction is better than it has EVER been. I have had Leslies( where I bought the pump/filter) out 3 times before for suction loss, and they found nothing wrong......suddenly with lower psi it is great....any hints? Comments?