Filter pressure decreasing


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Apr 29, 2016
Houston, TX
Hi folks,

Just starting day 2 of new plaster startup. I had to backwash and recharge my DE filter 3 times yesterday due to 10 psi increases each time. The last time I backwashed was approx 12 hrs ago. Funny thing is that the pressure has actually gone down 2 psi since that last backwash (17 psi post backwash, currently 15 psi). I've been adding 24-32 floz of 31.45 muriatic acid at intervals at least 4 hrs apart to bring TA down from 130 ppm (currently at 110 ppm). I didn't want to spike pH by adding to much acid at once, hence the conservative rationing. Anyway, could the filter pressure drop be related to the addition of the acid I added this morning?


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Apr 12, 2017
Are you adding D.E. back into the skimmer? You need to recharge the grids each backwash with 2/3rds the capacity of your filter.

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