Filter loses water to waste?


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Jul 29, 2009
I have a multi-port valve and I just started running the pump and I noticed that when the valve is set to recirculate and/or filter, i lose water through the waste line.. last year, we replaced the valve after the stem broke and it worked for the season, no strange water loss at all.. and it's unlikely the pool closers unscrewed all 8 screws to open up and mess with the valve, right? what am i missing here? btw, it's not a slow drip either (there's a spout next to the waste line, and it's a pretty significant flow of water).

also, i haven't added any DE to the filter yet - i was just planning to recirculate the water before i did my first TF100 test for the season and noticed i was losing water to waste.
thanks, patty


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Jun 14, 2007
New Jersey
Odds are your spider gasket has come loose. I had this fail on a brand new valve after a short period of time because the factory forgot to use any glue. Waterway sent me a new spider gasket (it became cut where the rotating component pressed down on it) and told me to SuperGlue it.

I think you have to open the valve to see what's going on.