Filter Hoses


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May 3, 2008
rock springs, wi
I need to get filter hoses for an AGP, both the return and supply lines, and the connection between pump and filter. I am not sure what to look for so any recommendations are appreciated.

I don't seem to be finding any on-line sources for filter hoses for AGP. I am not close to any pool stores, but can these items be purchased at Home Depot, etc?


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May 28, 2007
Middle Tennessee
What type of filter are you using? Sand or cartridge? How many returns? My pump/filter system came with the pool, and is a cartridge type w/ two returns. I can tell you how it's plumbed and/or take pictures , if that's the type of setup you're going with.

Here's a website for Water Warehouse. Type "hose" in the search field, and you'll find both vacuum and filter hoses.