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Jun 25, 2010
hello all been here for a few months but first posting.

my problem that i am having is cleaning my filter cartridge, i can get the out side just fine but have problems getting the inside cleaned. and suggestions on what type of hose attachment i can use, i have currently a 5 pattern nozzle. can someone please tell me what one is best to clean the inside of the filter and that doesnt break the bank.



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Jul 24, 2007
Suwanee, GA
Not the cheapest option, but I use a filter flosser. I have found that it works well and is the best nozzle that I have tried so far. Pulling the nozzle back a bit allows the streams to converge to a point and blast a single pleat, this seems to work better than a single stream and causes a bit less splash back.

What helps my yearly cleaning effort is a higher pressure hose. When reinstalling my sprinkler system after the pool was completed, I put in a hose bib by the pool that I plumbed to the the sprinkler system, this bypasses the pressure reducer in the house. I get great pressure and volume from this hose.
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