Filling Pool to Close it-Chemical Questions


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Aug 19, 2007
Flemington, NJ
Hey Everyone,

Had severe pool issues all season-leaking-painted surface disintgrating-surface cracks. So after major repairs and a new hi-build epoxy painted surface (over concrete), we are having our pool filed tomorrow and then immediately closing it. Talk about a short swim season! Anyway, any thoughts about chemicals?

I did the calculations, If we fill to 25,000-30,000 gallons (unsure of exact), would 1 bottle of 1.42 bleach (6%) be enough? My calculations indicate that this is equal to 2.84 ppm roughly for that amount of water adn with no CYA in the water THAT is at shock level. I feel compellled to put more, just because. It doesn't seem like enough! I am going to test for Ph/Alk as soon as the water arrives and attempt to adjust if the water is severely out of whack, but I am feeling tempted to just let it lie if the water is remotely in normal limits. Any thoughts of how to handle this type of situation? I don't want to add to much chlorine, especially if it is not needed. We tend to have metals in our local water and supershocking makes the metals drop out (not on my new surface!). Was thinking about PolyQuat, but I also believe that proper chlorine control makes that unnecessary. Can't wait to open next spring to a brand new surface and being able to use our pool for the first time in 2 seasons!

Thanks for any insight,



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May 7, 2007
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2 or 3 ppm of chlorine is indeed shock level when you are starting out with a fresh fill and CYA is really and truly zero. Remember that the chlorine won't last very long at all during the day, so it is much better if you add it in the evening.

I would definitely use polyquat. Because of the sunlight loses, you will not be able to maintain much of an FC level. Polyquat will greatly improve your odds of remaining algae free all winter.
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