Filling new pool with well water?


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Aug 17, 2014
NW Ohio
Does anyone see any issue with filling my 25k gal pool with well water? I have a well & pump dedicated for outdoor watering and such, so it does not go through the softener. High pressure, so it would fill it over night - I think.
I do have a high iron water content, and of course I would have to add the appropriate chemicals. I grew up on well water, so it tastes fine to me. I just don't want to have all sorts of water issues down the road.

The other option would be to have a local fire department do it.


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May 11, 2014
Franklin, NC
Where does the Fire Department get the water? Does it have high iron? Are they getting it from a city water system or drafting it from a pond?

It would be best to avoid having iron in the water and its issues form the start.


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Oct 7, 2013
Southern NH
The fire department likely gets it from a hydrant, so the questions if that hydrant is drinkable water. If so you should be ok, but if not, as mentioned, you could be running the risk of having a high metal content right from the start.

Any way you can test a sample before you commit, either way?


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Apr 1, 2007
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If you have ENOUGH iron in your water, you would be haunted by it virtually forever.

Depending on the concentration of iron from that well, I would suggest you should, if you can, fill from a hydrant (although they may have iron, too) and then use your refill water from the softener.

High iron content is a constant struggle and you simply cannot effectively get rid of it.


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Feb 3, 2014
Central Minnesota
Avoid the iron at all costs. Well, within reasonable costs. If you're on municipal as well as have a well, just fill from the municipal supply by hose. Otherwise, inquire with the local FD and ask where they pull the water. Here I know our FD pulls from the hydrant, which is basically drinking water. They ask for a minimum donation of $75 and charge the municipal rate per 1000 gallons to bring up a truck for a fill.

If you do have municipal water and fill your pool, normally you can contact the agency responsible for billing and ask that they remove the sewage fees from the volume of water you use to fill the pool. This is the most expensive part of the water.


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Jun 11, 2013
Erie pa
I had trouble with iron stains from my well water.Had to remove them with an iron remover(i think it was just ascorbic acid).then i drained the pool partially and had it refilled with trucked in water(i think it was around 400.00).now a solar blanket keeps evaporation down and rain usually keeps it topped off.