Filling new pool after remodel and added too much pool bleach.

Pam Jo

Silver Supporter
Apr 24, 2017
Southern Indiana
Hi, all! I've been doing TFP method for the last three years and love it. We did a pool remodel this spring after almost thirty years and finally got the new vinyl liner installed today and water is being added as I type. I read on here that it's a good idea to go ahead and get a little stabilizer and pool bleach in to get FC to at least 3ppm. Well, my pool is around 30,000gal and so I just mix last years bleach (a little over half a gal), thought it would be a little weak sitting over winter and now am at FC 14ppm! I showed 0ppm before I added. And since it will be filling for the next day and half, I ballpark and thought that about would be ok. Maybe I was wrong to ballpark it. I added a little stabilizer, but not much. Please tell me I didn't just ruin my new liner and it will dilute enough overnight.:oops: