Filling 'er up


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Apr 24, 2010
I'm about 24 hours into the fill on my 30'. Just relocated for work and wanted to go big. What are some ideas out there to enjoy your pool and not spend a fortune with all of the trim around the pool?

Here's a link to pool: New photo by Carlton Clay

Relationship to house:
You come down from the top floor to a patio on the back...then out to pool. Thinking about an 8x8 deck that is only about 36" high (just enough to sit out and talk to someone in the pool.

What are some economical ways to trim around the pool other than just let the grass grow. Send your pictures 😀


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May 16, 2010
Chapel Hill, NC
Well, you probably won't get much grass seed growing now that summer's here. And, left as-is, yoou'll likely have a muddy mess around the pool when it rails. I'd probably get 100 ft of sod (or whatever your pool perimenter is) to keep the mud at bay.