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Apr 5, 2017
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I've been lurking on TFP since right around the time our build started in early March, and I really appreciate the info and help y'all provide!

My pool is currently filling, and I wanted to post my fill water test results to get some advice on what I should expect (when it comes to chemical maintenance) once the builder startup is complete. I'm using a TF-100 Test Kit thanks to the advice on these forums:

Cl 2.5
PH 8.0
CH 175
TA 110


I'd appreciate any input and advice y'all have to offer; thanks!


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Jan 17, 2012
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Hey there! Welcome to TFP and congrats on the new build :)

Well, first off, you have to know what your pool builder wants as he holds the warranty. Actually what does Pebble Sheen want? Don't forget to register your warranty with them. Also, find out *exactly* what the builder puts in the pool so you don't duplicate it by accident. NO COPPER CONTAINING ALGAECIDES!!

Pool School - Start-up New Plaster

Your pH will be needing frequent lowering using Muriatic Acid. Your fill water has high pH and the pool itself is curing and the pH will rise during the next few months. Go ahead and get 2 gallons of 31% Muriatic Acid. Often found in the paint department of Lowes/Home Depot, etc.

You will need some stabilizer in there too- since you are starting with zero CYA you will need a total of 187 ounces of granular CYA (per PoolMath) to get you from zero to 40ppm.

You'll want to raise your CH a bit.

Start playing with PoolMath so you can see how it works. Also- Pool School - Recommended Levels

How are you planning on sanitizing your new pool? Its a gorgeous pool, by the way! :goodjob:

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Apr 5, 2017
Dallas, TX
Thanks! I'll certainly follow my pool builder's instructions, but I'm assuming that after break-in I can go with liquid chlorine rather than tablets without any warranty issues?
I was planning on using chlorine tablets before I started reading TFP, and that's what my pool builder suggested.
What products would you recommend for stabilizer and calcium chloride (for CH)?
Now that I think about it, I suppose this may be unnecessary to try and figure out now since everything will look different after startup/break-in?