Fill water reroute through house water softener


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Oct 6, 2018
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Ok,, I am strongly considering paying to have my autofill line to get the water from line after the water softener vs not softened water.
Reason being my SWG (which I love) is now getting more calcium build up as my CH levels rise in my pool and I don't want to have to take off my SWG frequently to clean. Plumber wants 850 to tap into an exiting cold water line which is inside of house but on outside wall about 25 feet from my autofill line / pool equipment.

My number one goal is low maintenance. I don't consider testing chems to be maintenance, that's just a cost of doing business ;) I don't think an RV water softener unit is for me because of the routine maintenance to regen.

My current pool CH is 575 and about 1 year ago CH was 350. My current autofill water has a CH about 400 and my post water softener tap water is less than 50 CH. We use our solar pool cover almost 24x7 (love the warm water), but still in the desert I'm sure the evaporation loss is pretty large. So the plan would be the auto fill line post household water softener will drive my CH down and I'll be able to keep the CH at lower levels thus eliminating CH buildup on my SWG cell.

850 ain't what I consider cheap, but I am thinking in my case this will save me (SWG) cell cleaning headaches.

What do you folks think?


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May 3, 2014
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I have an RV water softener for our pool. True, I have to regen it every month or so from April to October. Less so in the winter.
The use of softened water will not reduce your CH. It will keep it stable to very slow rise.
I was always able to keep my SWCG clean up to 800+ppm CH. Just manage the CSI. Need to lower TA more as the CH rises.
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