Fiberstar 6004 Fiber Optic Lights To LED Conversion


May 7, 2018
I'm wanting to upgrade to LED lights, I currently have the Fiberstar 6004 fiber optic lighting system with 3 lights in my pool. I've done some research online, but I'm not real confident on if the upgrade is as simple as switching out the fiber optic cables and then fishing new LED ones in.

Can anyone confirm if this is the product I need?

Or is what i need? The following two links the lights look a lot different than the ones in the first link.



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Jun 1, 2016
Gilbert, AZ
44, search for “treo install” or “kelo install” for threads that may interest you.

Inyo Pools is supportive and reasonable...but when I did this I bought returned treos from amazon warehouse and got them for about $120 each, looks like none are available currently . If you want the treos to work with existing pool automation (you should fill out your signature), then I would skip the specialized transformer and buy a simple one like I did in the link below. Hook it up to an available relay in your automation system.

Or this is an option that also could slightly modified to be hooked up to existing automation.

The one gotcha is making sure that the depth of the fixtures that hold your existing fiber optics lenses is sufficient to insert the new treo LEDs. Use the existing fiber “cables” to pull through the new cord.
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