Fiberglass vs Thermoplastic inground pool steps


Sep 12, 2018
Winnipeg, MB
I see that some manufacturers make fiberglass, some manufacturers make thermoplastic, and some make and market both with the same sizes, colours and shapes for inground steps.

Whats really the difference between them, does one last longer, is one stronger than the other, etc.?


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Jun 5, 2016
Martinez, CA
My thoughts are that fiberglass and gelcoat will be more durable than thermoplastic. Plastic fades (colors) or yellows (whites) and can’t be repaired if cracks when ot eventually becomes brittle from chlorine and sun. Fiberglass is more expensive to mfg and way more durable with little fading or chalking. Also easily repaired with a little fiberglass cloth and resin. Boats sit in the full sun all day and are made of fiberglass instead of thermoplastic for a reason