Fiberglass vs Concrete pool and approx. cost?


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Oct 2, 2020
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hi all,

I'm in the market to build a new pool (18' x 36') and hot tub (7' x 7') for my backyard. I am choosing between a fibreglass pool and a concrete pool. I read online that fibreglass is not as durable as concrete, and to me it seems like concrete is the better, longer lasting choice. Is this true? Moreover, does anyone know the approx. cost for a pool that size (using separate mech systems for pool and hot tub)? Thanks all!

BTW, I'm located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


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Jul 3, 2013
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Welcome to TFP :)

For you I would recommend a separate hot tub and pool as the hot tub you will be able to use all year around and keep it heated and used during the winter... The pool will need to be closed during the winter...

As far as what type of pool we get that asked 15 times a day... The answer is what type you want....

Fiberglass: has many different options but you have to pick the one you like, you can not order something they do not have... It is also dependent on the install, if done right can last for years with no cracks if not done right it can crack within the first couple years..

Concrete: can be anything you want anywhere you want in any type of soil.

Both can cost big bucks so 3 to 5 quotes for each will tell you what one to go with for you...


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Jun 8, 2015
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Our 15x30 with 7x7 spa in fiberglass with 400K heater, waterfall, 3 LED's, 1 VS pump and 1 straight pump was right at 56K April 2019.

Same size and features in Gunite was quoted at just over 70K by 3 local builders.

Regions change pricing so keep that in mind.



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Jun 24, 2020
Houston, TX
I think fiberglass has a lot of potential, especially up north. I actually wanted a fiberglass pool even in Texas but my problem was the fiberglass guy wanted $27,000 for a 25ft concrete wall, where as a 30ft long + taller wall with pillars in gunite ended up only being around $10,000. The fiberglass guy wanted I think 54k or so for a 16x40 pool+hot tub combo with 3 ft of concrete decking and no extras.... however once we had it the way we liked the total quote was $117,000. I sent him walking and got much better equipment, more space, bigger wall, etc. For 73k in gunite.

I did a lotttttt of research on fiberglass shells and the only one I would use is Leisure pools. They have hands down the best tech in their shell, best gel coating, etc.

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Feb 1, 2020
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Hi Welcome to the group.

Mine has only been in the ground for only a month. After caling a few friends and nighbers that have fiberglass pools. I didn't call a PB that did liners. Only down side to a FG pool is the sizes, they can only be as wide as the DOT allows. My 16x36 pool is a little less than 15x35 after it was all done.

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