Fiberglass steps turning brown

Greetings y'all from beautiful Northwest Georgia

as stated my Fiberglass steps had turning brown

I made the mistake of using the 'Magic Eraser' 4 of them, but 4 did not clean it completely
the next day my water turned cloudy
water sample showed high Phosphate
added Phosphate Remover and water is now crystal clear

I did the Vitamin C test on the steps, conclusion is Iron in the water
[I'm on a Well and the water has Iron content, but I have not had to add any water from the Well I in over 3 years,
all make-up water is by Rain Water, that I divert from the roof that goes through my homemade particulate filter

water chemistry is normal, water is always crystal clear

what do you suggest to complete the cleaning of the brown stains

*** after creating this THREAD
I found my answers in the pop-up that showed below this thread, in
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answer founds here > Brown spots

as a Newbie, I apologize for not seeking out the answer through SEARCH

Thank You,
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Hello Joey and welcome to TFP! :wave: This is a forum dedicated to helping regular pool owners learn how to keep their water clear and sanitary by using one of two recommended test kits and relatively basic home chemical products. See Test Kits Compared. If you start at our ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry, you'll get see more about our concepts. Since we already know you have iron, the challenge then becomes proper water balance to the existing amount of iron in your pool to prevent further staining. It's great that you are diverting fresh water for top-offs, but the original fill iron never left. While you note that test levels are "normal", we would like to see all of those test numbers to give you a more accurate evaluation.


For existing stains, if it's localized in a small area, you can just use some Vitamin C tablets crushed in a thin sock and rub it around. If it's wide spread, you may prefer to do an AA treatment (link below). Also, keep in mind whenever a pool gets algae (green plumes when brushing or cloudy/hazy water) we use the SLAM Process to kill algae completely. Algae must always be killed and removed before treating for stains. Hope that helps you out.

Thanks for the Welcome & the Info 'Texas Splash'

I will do the Vit-C in a sock to complete the Stain removal

here is the Water Quality from Test Sheet on 27 July
Free Chlorine = 2.8
Total Chlorine =3.0
CYA = 80
PH = 7.6
Total Alkalinity = 97
Total Hardness = 100
Salt = 3200
CH ??? not shown on Test Sheet (I don't know what this is)

EDIT To Add: Pool Store said another reason for the Stains is that I was using an Algaecide that contained Copper
I threw it away and got the one they recommended with No Copper
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