Fiberglass Pool Wall Separating From Concrete


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Apr 22, 2019
Tulsa, OK
Took the cover off my in ground pool and the fiberglass wall on one side has bulged inward, creating a gap between the pool wall and the concrete slab that was poured up to it. Its about a 3-4 inch gap. I can now see the outside of the pool wall via that gap. I believe the pool was only two thirds full all winter and the top of the wall was pushed in. If I cut the concrete to get more access to the gravel underneath, and dig it out, will the fiberglass wall fall back into its original position (the pool is now full so there is outward pressure from the water but as the wall was pushed in the fill sank also so there's a gap between the sand and the concrete also).

Basically, should I just fill the gap the way it is, or undertake the much larger task of getting the wall back into position.

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will the fiberglass wall fall back into its original position
That is the million dollar question. Welcome to TFP! :wave: FB shells can/do move a bit based on the pressure applied from either side. In your case, it might be difficult to actually dig down enough to compensate for the support relief already lost. It would be a shame to cut-out concrete coping/decking only to find it didn't work. By contrast, the pool was originally set in place expecting the support for that position from floor up to the top edge. So if you just decide to just "leave it", then you may end-up with a potential bulge or warp from the lower portion to the top. Maybe.

Even though I'm a fellow FB owner, and we've seen our share of FB owners who worked to eliminate shell movements, your situation may be best addressed by someone actually in the industry. Based on some photos and measurements, they may be able to confirm which scenario would be the best option for you. Certainly your call if you wish to cut & dig though. Maybe some other folks here will either have personal experience somewhat close to what you had happen, or have an engineering background that may help to confirm what would be the best way forward for you. Best of luck either way, and let us know how things work out.


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Apr 23, 2019
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Same has happened to my pool. The area that pulled away has created a sort of bubble and is starting to crack. Once we drained the pool, it's worse than it looked. We just signed a contract to chip out and replace with Pebble.