Fiberglass Pool w/connected Spa - need fittings!

Feb 8, 2019
Waxhaw, NC
Hi - We're in the process of completing our pool ourselves, since our original contractor took our money, but changed their minds about finishing the work (ie: they committed fraud). I think I can get it about 90% of the way myself. It's in the ground, relatively level and some of the plumbing is done. However, they never installed the returns or drains for the spa/hot tub. I have the drain fittings, but not the returns. My question is, are the returns the same as what's in the pool? Or, are there special "spa returns" for the spa? Also, is it plumbed with the same size pipe? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or, if you happen to be an honest pool installer in/around Charlotte, please send me a message... I just want this job done.
Feb 8, 2019
Waxhaw, NC
I'm installing a 40x15 Leisure Pools "The Ultimate", as seen here: The Ultimate

The pool returns are plumbed with 2" flexible schedule 40 and the spa is not plumbed at all. The holes are drilled at just over 2" diameter for the spa fittings, but I don't know if that was done intentionally, or if these people hadn't a clue what they were doing.

Should I be plumbing 2" to the drains and skimmer and 1.5" to the spa returns? Is flexible schedule 40 OK for the whole pool? I live just outside of Charlotte, so the ground doesn't really freeze and the pool will be open year-round.

Attached are pics of where they left me.



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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
im guessing the room on the equipment pad is for the spa pump and valving. for the pool side the plumbing is OK im not a fan of flex but many have it. You just need to decide how you want it setup looks like they have 2 returns on one line and it keeps going around, so they may have planned for all on one line. I wouldnt do that, Id split them up in pairs in case u get a failure down the road u can limp along w half working. I see a higher fitting on the far wall in pic 1, thats not a return Im guessing a cleaner port. They didnt do u any favors dropping the shell in w no spa fitting on the pool/spa hump, thats gonna be a nightmare to plum even w that little access I see on outside. just not very smart. I could point u in right direction if you take pics of each wall of pool so i can see the holes. I dont see any other suction other than the skimmer, is there a lower suction hole down in deeper end for an equilizer or wall drains? And what are you trying to achieve w the spa do u want actual hot water aeration like a high end spa and what was the plan for the heater. u have gas there or was electric planned? A downward pic of the piping on pad showing valves and pump to see what the splitting was for