Fiberglass Pool Thoughts.


Jan 9, 2016
I have started getting quotes on fiberglass pools this week. It is so overwhelming. Does anyone have a San Juan? If so what are your thoughts? There are just so many manufacturers. Could use anyone's input. I am also looking at Sun Pools and just saw Barrier Reef on this forum; that could be an option. I live in North Carolina.


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Jun 7, 2011
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Welcome to TFP!

We have plenty of members with FG pools here, but they may not be around as much, or as many of them this time of year. Hopefully someone will be along soon to weigh in for you. Enjoy your stay on the forum, good to have you with us!


Jul 14, 2015
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Hi Teat461

I know the dilemma your facing, we just went through the same thing, we also started looking at San Juan first but in the end we chose a Sun Rio, I don't want to get too long on why we chose the Sun fiberglass pool but the bottom line I believe is to find a good fiberglass installer.

The warranties and selections were similar on most of the fiberglass pool manufacturers, but the bottom line was we felt most comfortable and confident in the installer we chose and he handled a few lines so we chose the Sun Rio, it is a 14 x 28 foot 11,600 gallon rectangle. I would recommend first finding a pool builder/installer who has fiberglass pool experience and then look at what pools he installs and recommends. And try and speak with some of his customers he has installed fiberglass pools for.

Remember the pool and warranty will only be as good as the installer, fiberglass pools go in quicker but need a qualified and experienced installer to ensure a long and trouble free life. Good luck with your hunt, we are very happy with our Sun fiberglass pool and looking forward to summer with the grandkids in our pool.



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Dec 16, 2015
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Welcome to TFP! I am in the process of getting permits for a fiberglass pool. I have done a ton of research on different manufacturers, the installation etc. As far as warranties, all of the companies pretty much offer a lifetime guarantee on the shells. However, typically this only means the structure is guaranteed against leaks. Make sure you read the warranty in it's entirety! The surface is another area of the warranty you want to look at. I have chosen Viking. I know they cover the surface regarding osmotic blistering. Most other complaints regarding the surface has to do with fading (this is often after many many years). Like a corvette, a fiberglass pool is fiberglass. The same polish you would use to restore the shine on a vet you can use on the pool. This is usually only around the tile line area (if there is no tile). This is another reason why you should never empty the pool. Once you have checked out the warranty and you are satisfied, the most important thing (even more so than the warranty) is the PB.

Make sure you get a reputable PB and get everything in writing. My PB specializes in fiberglass installs. If you can find a PB that only, or mainly does fiberglass installs I highly recommend it. I have been invited to the installation of another customer so I could actually see the process. My PB is very good at what they do, and are so confident they allow customers to observe their work prior to purchasing. I don't care how great the fiberglass manufacturer is, a shoddy installation ruins the whole deal.

Besides that, go with a manufacturer that has a shape and size that you like. That's pretty much it. I recommend you stay here a while and read up on balancing your pool as I know at least Vikings warranty is voided regarding issues caused by unbalanced water.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Hey there Teat461! Welcome to TFP :)
My fiberglass pool came from Hatteras Pools, manufactured in South Carolina. I believe they have business in Charlotte, NC also?
We've been pleased with fiberglass (pics of install in siggy line). One thing you want to ask the installer is if they use sand or stone for the surrounding fill? I believe stone is considered superior. You also want to make sure they put in a well point so you can monitor ground water and remove the ground water from under the pool via a sump pump if ever the need arose (gawd forbid!).
You also need to know that you don't want to empty a fiberglass pool for risk of it popping out.

My pool has been very easy to care for and we've enjoyed it enormously. I hope you will have the same!

Yippee :flower:


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Sep 17, 2015
Fiberglass pools are very popular here because the ground shifts (3 foot frost line) They hold up better than the decking.