Fiberglass pool leaking about 1/2" water a day from jet


Aug 19, 2017
Waynesville NC
2 years ago we had a fiberglass pool installed by a horrible contractor. He was the only one that does fiberglass pools around our area and had good reviews online (which now I am pretty sure are all fake). There were constant problems with the installation and things not being done properly. When the pool was first filled and ready to go it stated leaking about 1/2" of water a day so he hired a leak detector and it was found to be in the jet. They had to pull up the concrete deck in that section and dig up the piping because apparently his guys forgot to glue/seal the pipes, so they glued the pipes and repoured concrete. Well to make a long story short, after several more issues including aesthetic problems with the concrete I refused to give him anymore money until all aesthetic issues were fixed. He ended up walking away from the job which at the time I was ok with as at least I didn't have to pay him any more money for his shoddy work. Fast forward to now (and the issue which started last summer). We now have another leak dropping a 1/2" a day and it appears to be coming from another jet (not the same jet). I am hoping above all else that we will not have to tear out the concrete to repair it as that is the biggest portion of concrete around that jet. Does anyone have any suggestions? At this point I am still not sure if the leak is in the face of the jet/threading etc or from the same issue last time where they forgot to glue the pipes. I am stressing big time over this as this pool has been one expensive issue over another. Thank you!

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Wow, that really stinks. Well, since you can't just isolate which return jets should be on/off, I suspect one way might be to plug all returns (rubber inserts) except for the suspect one, and see if the water level drops. The only other non-invasive way I can think of is callng a leak detention company.


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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
All depends on how he plumbed it, to be able to isolate that return. You cant fix them from the front and that is alot of water to lose in a day. Gotta be very careful with erosion behind the pool walls a glass pool can have issues when support is missing. Cutting deck and digging is the only way 99% of the time