Fiber to LED conversion


Feb 10, 2018
Mahopac, NY
Hey all, looking for some info and advice.

I have an 18x36 inground vinyl pool that is about 20 years old, purchased the home 2 years ago. It came with 4 fiber optic lights with the power tower controlled by an on/off switch inside the house. I have a 120v line going outside to the tower. They just are not bright AT ALL. I would really like to convert to LED (with color changing abilities). I have watched all the videos and feel comfortable tackling this easily.

My question is, are there any other products besides the Pal Treo’s that are worth considering for this conversion? The treos seem to have great reviews and all, just looking for maybe a less expensive option than $1500-2000 as I need 4 lights and most kits come with 3. Thanks for any help/suggestions.

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Jun 22, 2009
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I think that's the best option for you. You should be able to save a little by DIYing them, though they're still going to be expensive.