Fiber Optic Pool light conversion to LED...less than $100.


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Apr 4, 2015
High Springs, FL
So I have had this older fiber optic pool light that I've always wanted to replace/rebuild/repair since we bought the house many years ago. The bulb, transformer, light wheel and other parts were so expensive that it just didn't seem worth it.

One day I hooked up a flashlight to the fiber optic strands going to the pool and voila! There was light.

With Amazon what it is and the prices of LED lights now affordable - my brain got to working.

What I had was a Pentair PG2000 Fiber Optic Light with FiberWorks PG2000 photon generator.

Everything to replace or repair this thing was going to cost me over $600.​

So here's what I did.

Turned off the power at the main breaker - tested all connectors for electrical current.
Removed all the existing internals for the PG2000 Fiber Optic light. This was a mess - there were wires everywhere.
I wire-nutted almost every where, labeled and separated them - there were a lot of wires!

Since I had power to the unit via underground cabling - I installed a GFCI outlet in a weatherproof box inside the existing PG2000 housing. ($20)
I purchased an LED light with housing from Amazon - complete with remote control and options to change light colors. ($20)
I also purchased a small timer from Amazon to plug the light into - all of these items fit into the existing housing. ($20)
*sidenote - I went with a smaller 10w LED light for cooling purposes. I may upgrade to a 25W LED - but for now the lighting is not too bright, not too dim.

I then had to fabricate a connector that would go inside the LED light.

This connector was nothing more than a large washer that I had to plasma cut on my hobby cnc table.
I then attached a piece of pvc via epoxy to the metal ring. This would allow the fiber optic cabling to "sleeve' into the metal ring and pvc and connect to the light via a removable metal ring.

I'm sure there is more to this - and I'm probably forgetting a bunch. I never undertook this project before because of the cost to replace/repair the original equipment.

I tested it last night and it the lighting is adequate for our pool.

Here are some pictures.





And yes, I know, I need to get the drain covers replaced on my pool.


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Jul 3, 2013
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That is great, See if they have a 100 watt led that can be adjusted.. You can adjust from dim to light and pick just the right amount of light :)
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