Fiber optic lens cracking


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Jul 1, 2009
We are having our pool refinished and have noticed the fiber optic light lenses are cracked. The system is a FiberStars but the lenses and fittings appear to be Nexxus. It appears that the lens and fiber optic cable are a one piece system. Just wondering if we are in for replacing the lights/cables or the cracked lens is a cosmetic issue and water getting through won't enter the cable. Considering the fiberstars LED retrofit system as well.



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May 20, 2007
South Central NJ
This is often dependent on how much slack is at the Fiberstars light source. New light ends can be put on but if it takes too much slack from the other end, it gets pulled away from the light and won't work.

A new bundle would need to be unspooled, a new lens terminated, and run, in that order.

The pool water and fiber need to be separate. The water will yellow the fiber after some years.

Another option is to convert it to LED lighting. IIRC, there is a PSU/controller conversion kit that goes in the light source by Either Savi or Fiberstars, I don't remember off the top of my head.