Few closing questions regarding what to remove


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Aug 20, 2019
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1. Do I remove the skimmer? There are 4 screws on the inside of the pool that seem like it'd be easy enough to take off. But I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Or do I just put the cover over it, like in the pics?
2. On the hose from the pump to the filter, I remove this, right? It was just pretty stuck and I didn't want to remove it in case it was a near impossibility to put it back on.
3. What am I supposed to do about the grounding wire? It's attached to the pump in two places (see circles). Do I just undo them, bury the ends a bit, and make sure I've taken pictures to know how to re-attach in spring?
4. I know to bring the pump in, guessing those two screws are the only thing keeping it attached to the base?
5. Is it TFP's collective opinion to NOT bring in the filter? My pool store says to do so. They also recommend just cleaning it out completely and putting in new sand each season. I'm not sure if I should do that or do the "deep clean" method here (which I have not reviewed yet) and take off the sight glass & gasket per the closing instructions and weigh down a tarp over it.

We've drained and put the cover on b/c we're going out of town for a week and I didn't want the house/dog sitter to have to worry about the pool. I'll do the final closing things when we get back. There's no threat of snow/freezing until after that. (fingers crossed)


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1. No need. The water level should fall once the plumbing is disconnected, then you'll cover. No hose below means that even if water gets under the cover and into the skimmer, it should just drian-out.
2. Disconnect at least one end between the two (pump/filter) so that you can move the pump and filter somewhere else for storage. If the hose seems "stuck", it's okay as long as you can move it all inside somewhere.
3. Yes. Disconnect so that you can remove the pump from the equipment pad. Take note of how to reconnect next season
4. Yes. remove any screws that mate the pump base to the equipment pad.
5. If you have storage space, I would empty and store indoors somwehere away from the harsh elements. You'll need to remove the sand, but you can place it on a tarp or something and use it again next year. Sand doesn't go bad, so no need to buy new sand each season. If for some reason you cannot move the filter somewhere, make sure to remove the drain plug to let all water seep out and remove the pressure gauge. You might still remove the sand to ensure it doesn't retain moisture that could expand later.

Last thing ... keep all screws & parts removed in a safe place that you won't forget. It's a common thing to see each spring. :)
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