Feedback on the Jandy AquaPure PLC1400 System


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Aug 14, 2010
New to the forum and finalizing new pool design. I'm looking at installing a SWG and considering the Jandy line including the Jandy AquaPure PLC1400 System and the PureLink / AquaLink RS for automation and control. Also like the Chemlink C1900 for ORP/ph interface to assist with monitoring.

I would like to obtain any feedback as I never owned a pool and it seems like there are diff manufactures who make similar prods. I have been researching the Jandy/Zodiac line and thought it would make sense to keep the equip consistent for the purposes of the controller and automation software etc.



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Aug 19, 2010
We have a 20 by 40 pool approximately 29,000 gallons. We had a Caretaker (now Zodiac) infloor cleaning system installed when the pool was built. Our pool builder installed a Hayward DE filter Chorline Generator and Pump but all valves were Jandy. He was not into automation so everything was manual. I installed an All Button RS8 Pool/Spa Jandy system and automated all valves. We were happy with it but as I looked at additional automation I found Hayward and Jandy were not compatable. We live up north in the summer and I wanted to control my pool, in Florida, while I was away. I added AquaLink PC and changed the Chlorine Generator to the Jandy AquaPure 1400. I found that my software revision did not communicate properly so I upgraded to the One Touch with upgraded software. I checked on my pool tonight; the outside temp is 79, the pool temp is 88, the chlorine % is 40 and the salt is 2600PPM). I am very happy with the system except the lack of testing for Chlorine and PH levels. The Chemlink C1900 will solve that problem and I plan on upgrading to it and upgrading my Software to Revision P.

My recomendation would be all Jandy products. I would buy a variable speed pump. My cost of electricity for my pool was over $200.00 per month. I changed to a two speed pump and cut the cost in half (with a variable speed pump and the ChemLink C1900 I think you will do better than half). I think if your system included a variable speed pump, the AquaPure 1400 (or the new Ei Series), the ChemLink C1900 and a AquaLink RS Control you would have a carefree pool. I would also add water leveling as I destroyed a pump because my pool water got too low. For pool cleaning have your pool builder install a vacuum port even if you decide to add an infloor system. Our infloor system does a good job except for sand blown in. Sand sits in two corners of our pool. We run a vacuum four hours a week (the AquaLink RS8 controls it) to remove the sand.

I hope I have given you some ideas and good luck we love our pool. I hope you will love your completed pool to.


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May 7, 2007
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ORP hardly ever works well in an outdoor residential pool, but PH monitoring works well and can be very handy. Both add complexity, which mean more chances of something breaking or needing attention, which tends to reduce the added convenience.

Getting a SWG of the same brand as your automation system is a very good idea.

Personally, I like Hayward automation systems, Pentair pumps, and Jandy valves. However, as beegele said, there are significant advantages to getting everything the same brand (usually the warranty coverage is much better when everything is the same brand).


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Aug 14, 2010
Sorry for the delay...have been away, but thanks for the in depth insight beegele and Jason! I am in the NE and hope to begin my project soon before it gets too late! Will keep you posted on what I decide.


Feb 3, 2011
Good info I'm actually going all jandy as well

I was thinking about zodiac N2 but I've decided the 1400 is better for me. The variable speed pump is a good idea if it saves that much. Probably easier on the pump too.

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