FC Test, Liquid or Powder


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Jul 24, 2019
Trinity, Florida
So I bought the Taylor test kit a while back and have been testing my pool water regularly. I had a friend come over and we were discussing testing, he mentioned he had a Taylor test kit as well but his kit didnt have the powder for the FC testing, the R-0870 DPD Testing, it had a liquid dropper. I know they are probably the same but are there cons and pros to powder vs liquid? I've always doubted myself on how much powder I'm using on the test with the tiny spoon, I cant help to think the liquid would be better.

Thank you.


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Jun 12, 2009
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Taylor makes many types of chlorine tests. There's the ultra-basic OTO one that is yellow, the more advanced DPD one that is comparing shades of pink, and the FAS-DPD test which is the gold standard. I'm guessing he is using one of the first two, which are not adequate for following TFPC.

The amount of powder you use is not critical, if you see a little bit undissolved on the bottom of the test vial then you used plenty.