FC causing wrinkles?


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Jun 3, 2017
Kansas City, MO
I keep a pretty tight grip on my numbers for my pool, I think. But I am new at this (3 years as pool owner). The first liner we had was not installed or made correctly so they sent the crew out to drain, remeasure, remake the liner. They installed the second liner this spring, and from the outset, it had wrinkles (which they told me they'd send someone out to straighten them multiple times but never did, until this August), this made an even bigger mess of the existing wrinkles and are going to have to drain and do it again...(measure and make a new liner)...

I have read that a low pH can cause wrinkles (which I keep close tabs and usually are at 7.4 exactly)...That said, I do keep my FC a little on the high side because when I keep it at 4-7, I feel like it's a constant battle to keep it clear. So if I keep it at 12-14, I'm not facing that problem. My CYA is usually about 60-70 so my FC at 12-14 is roughly half of SLAM level. Is this an okay practice?


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Oct 2, 2013
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Hi berddog,
the FC doesnt have anything to do with the wrinkles. Unfortunatley, the liner just doesn't fit well.
pH if poor enough for long enough can make the liner brittle.

Regarding maintaining your FC a little higher than recommended for a SWG pool, nothing really wrong with that if it makes you feel better. Its not gonna hurt anything, But that FC wont stay protected for long by the CYA, so its gonna get depleted by UV relatively quickly.