Fc and cc question


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Aug 10, 2016
NE Pennsylvania
So far my water is great and crystal clear by far beat in 4 years I have had it. Last night I got down to about 4 and went to raise it to 8. Today after we swam all day I tested fc and got 8.5.i am gou g to guess I just measured wrong and will follow up tomorrow. Or atleast I am hoping. As I expected it to be like 6.5 or 7 after today. Anyway I also had a cc of 0.5. I know that's not crazy but not sure I ever had a reading for cc. What does that come from? Did I do something wrong? I will monitor again tomorrow. Didn't add anything tonight to see what happens, did my weekly test Saturday and everything looked good besides fc being low which is why I added

Thank you as always and hope all you dads had a good day