Fascinating Chlorinator Failure


In The Industry
Jul 8, 2019
Hey there,

I recently came across a chlorinator that failed spectacularly. I'll attach a picture or two of the actual chlorinator but basically it has been seriously deformed somehow. It seems like it melted and/or had some seriously high pressure inside it. My questions are; Has anyone ever seen this happen before? Anyone have any idea how this could happen? If it is an over temp thing, just how hot would it need to be to melt like that? If, its a chemical thing, what chemistry could cause the type of pressure and plastic softening that would cause this? For reference here are some details;
  • Chlorinator was brand new just 6 weeks ago.
  • It was installed in the correct direction for flow.
  • pool is heated by a NG heater. heater vent goes straight up with proper vent kit. Exhaust vent does not encroach on equipment and doesn't go around behind the pool shed near the chlorinator.
  • Shed does get quite warm inside but it seems unlikely that it gets so hot that all plastic things melt. Just how hot would it need to get?
  • I can't be sure what brand of chems the homeowner uses. I've seen some HTC packaging but those were shock packets.
  • pool has recently had a bout of super high chlorine readings (15ppm). I think this was because of the homeowner turning up their new chlorinator to max like they had to do with their old chlorinator.
  • Chlorine level settled back to normal range and water was in balance before the chlorinator failure. Water has been tasted and balanced by two different spin labs (one third party) that both agreed with each other.
  • Pump is 1.5 hp
  • sand filter. I've never seen it run at a pressure higher than 32psi. Normally runs more like 12psi
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