Fall Maintenance

Apr 13, 2019
I have a 20x40 hybrid inground pool and on my second year abandoning the cover in the south east. This pool has only one return and one skimmer. Both are used non-stop with pool skim on return (life saver) and original poolvergnuegen with giant leaf canitster on skimmer. With both of these robots working, I can keep the pool virutally clear as I combat leaves falling from the sky with a blower week to week. With my SWG useless when water temperature drops I've been adding liquid chlorine (10%) to combat the algea.

Question, with both the pool skim and leaf canitster constantly being filled and emptied during the fall am I essentially breaking down bio material creating algea through both of these leaf filters? Is it best I keep off the liquid chlorine until the last leaf falls? I find this year that I have added 6 gallons so far and get great results but then get that gorgeous green aqua color after a few days, pump running non-stop.
I appreaciate all the help past, present and future.
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