Failing Air Blower Back Flow Valve

Feb 27, 2011
My in ground Spa Air Blower (Polaris 1-480-02) which is installed above the water line has water pouring out of it when the spa pump is on but the air blower is off. I recently emptied the spa and pool out to acid wash and not sure if some of the acid got to the valve or I assume this is a failure of the back blow check valve. When I removed the air blower motor and put a wire snake down the pipe is goes down 10 feet before it stops. I am not too excited about digging down 10 feet in a very awkward area to swap out the check valve. My questions are:

1) Can I put another check valve closer to ground level thus having two or will that be too restrictive to the air flow.

2) Any ideas of how to repair the old one without replacing it or diggiing it up. Something like pour magic juice down the pipe and watch it magically repair itself.

3) Any other ideas or should I start digging?


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May 19, 2010
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I think it would be very strange for a check valve to be underground. Wonder if there is something wrong with a venturi? I am not exactly sure how the air blowers (which are band-aids for an improperly plumbed spa, BTW) are plumbed into the system.

1) That may work, but again I would want to be sure what the actual problem is
2) Sure, just look under the money tree and you will find the magic juice ;)
3) Nope, but I would wait until you here from someone that know more about how these are plumbed.
Feb 27, 2011
Mystery solved, when I had acid washed pool I removed all the spa jet nozzles. When reinstalling them I left them all in the closed position. Water pressure thus built up in the pipe and forced its way past the air backflow valve. Opened the nozzles problem with water is fix BUT the water has somehow caused a short in the motor and it will only run for a few seconds before cutting off. I hope it will work once it dries out. Problems Problems Problems
Feb 27, 2011
Was not tripping the breaker. Motor would just stop and then if you cut off power would start back up then stop again. I opened it up and the motor has rusted probably from the salt water I got on it. Ordered a new one. This time going with a Silencer motor.