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Aug 15, 2014
North Caldwell, NJ
Hi All. We've gotten too the bottom of our water loss issues last season. In the process of our renovation last year, we sand blasted to bare concrete, primed and re-painted the pool using National Pool Finishes Mono Epoxy LG-730. We followed every instruction for all prep to a T and with in the first month of opening the pool LY it was already chipping. We are under warranty for the paint, but the manufacturer has discontinued the LG-730 (without explanation) and is forcing on us their Chlorinated Rubber paint Pool Shield CRX. To be fair I could spend $1300 MORE for a 2part epoxy- this I am not willing to do!!!

BESIDES the fact that the life expectancy of the product VASTLY different (8-10 yrs for epoxy Vs 2-3 yrs for Rubber- the main reason why we went with epoxy in the first place) They claim their pool shield should last in the 5-7 year range. AND they are claiming that I do NOT need to go back down to bare concrete to change to their rubber substrate. Their instruction is to power wash, sand and paint. That if some of the epoxy is still there that it is OK. All should be hunky dory.. they refuse to offer a warranty for this claim. and the 5-7 years they claim for their rubber paint, is NOWHERE to be found. (industry standard is 2-4 yrs)

I have flaking all over the place see attached images. The primer (Pool Grip) is intact. I am still negotiating some sort of a credit towards the difference in cost for the rubber Vs epoxy- and still very well considering small claims court since they want me to take 7 gallons of primer (that I don't want or need) with out a credit for that either...

My questions..
-Have any of you worked with these products?
-Is my research correct that these substrates can not be mixed?
-Has any one successfully used the rubber paints and had them last the full life expectancy?
-Is it possible that their formulation is made with the same polymer base as both the pool grip and the LG-730? That I won't have adhesion issues?

-Has anyone had successful recourse with this company? and if so do you have upper management email address? (National pool finishes, top secret Coatings, I paint US, Absolute coating Group... as you can see they function under several names... probably churn out a new name every time they have an issue...

I'm more than cautious that they are just trying to wash their hands of the situation and move on their way. I feel like I should be getting an equal or greater product , and this is not it. I was really hoping to get a nice chunk of time with this epoxy paint so we can save for an in-depth reno.. but now it seems I can't and they won't. I do not have the money to sand blast this thing again or Bump up in cost. cost difference for the original paint vs the new is @$700.00. Primer initially costed us 587.65.

Thank you in advance for you input!!



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May 23, 2015
Tucson, AZ
TFP never recommend painting a pool. If it's an in-ground gunite pool, then plaster is the appropriate surfacing/finishing material OR, if you have an applicator in your area, plaster followed up with AquaBright (a flame-sprayed thermoset polymer coating). Pool paint, as you see, is at best a 2-3 year proposition and it typically starts to flake and chalk after the first season. It is, quite simply, a waste of money.

My recommendation is you call in a pool plastering company (call three actually) and get quotes for a proper replastering job for your pool. Even the cheapest plaster when properly applied by a skilled plastering crew will easily last 10-15 years before any significant issues arise and some plaster surfaces last more than 20 years.


Aug 15, 2014
North Caldwell, NJ
I appreciate the fact that we all recognize a painted pool is a band aide. I'm not suggesting that TFP suggested I paint it. As I stated it was to buy time to get the pool re-plastered/ surfaced down the line. For the record, I did get quotes. 6 to be exact. All were upwards of 25K, a $$$ I do not have at this juncture in time. I do not want a liner- though I received several quotes for that too. Painting made the most sense and I chose Epoxy for the life expectancy it quoted.. ( they quoted 10 yrs- I was hoping for 6-8)

If anyone has anything constructive to my questions. I'm all ears!
Thank you!
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