faced or unfaced styrofoam boards??? Tongue and Grooved Okay? For Above ground pool


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Apr 13, 2021
riverside, ca usa
Hello all , i'm trying to located xps board 1 inch styro foam board. I wanted to know if anyone knew if I should be using faced or unfaced styrofoam board.
i'm looking into , pink, blue and green boards.

Right now I'm only able to find this board, Does anyone know if this board would work for me.
I noticed this is tongue and grooved. Is that okay or should i look for flat and squared?


Thank You for your help.
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The foam board you want to use only comes unfaced. Yes, T&G is good. Be sure to triple tape the seams to prevent the liner from poking through.
Blue, pink, green are all the same stuff. Don’t get the foil face kind
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