Extra tiles, tile trim on steps, and grout color


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Jun 1, 2007
Los Angeles, CA
The pool is emptying as I type, so it's time for a few last minute questions about retiling. First, would it be a good idea to purchase a few extra tiles? When we moved here 12 years ago the pool already had missing waterline tile. I don't know if that's normal wear and tear (in which case extra tiles might be a good thing) or something to be expected on a 30 year old pool. If we get extra tiles, how many should we purchase? The pool is roughly 20x40 with a spillover spa.

The second question is for trim tile on the step edges. I figure it would be for safety purposes primarily. Do people here have any feelings about it, pro or con?

Finally, grout color. Do colored grouts fade, and/or are they more likely to stain or show mustard algae (my perpetual evil nemesis :evil: )? If anyone wants to weigh in on esthetics, we are using the Oyster Blue color here http://www.fujiwatiles.com/product.asp?plid=20 and have weathered brick coping.

Thanks for any help.