Exposed ground wire


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Jun 22, 2019
San Antonio, Texas
Is this ground wire supposed to be exposed like this? Originally the electricians who came to install our pumps put the wire inside the pool before Gunite. The Gunite crew threw it to the side and now it is exposed. Is this correct? Or should it have been buried u fee the pool beneath the Gunite/plaster? Now I have exposed ground wire that runs all around my pool and in the grass.



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Jul 21, 2013
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It is your bonding wire and is supposed to run all around the pool.

Bonding a pool typically involves running a thick copper wire all the way around the pool, and connecting it to everything metal within five feet of the water, to all electrical devices that touch the water, to any concrete within three feet of the water, and to the water it’s self. If there are any voltage differences between any of those things, the bonding wire will short them out, forcing them to all be at the same voltage.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Assuming you are in the middle of a pool build, that wire will be tied into the decking rebar and run back to your equipment pad.. Other than at the pad it should be under ground. As Allen has pointed out, it is a bonding wire and not an electrical ground wire.


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