Exposed aggregate deck rust stains


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Jun 15, 2013
We have about 5 small areas on our newish decking that you can see rust stains. The PB said there is metal bits in the pour.
They said they could have the pieces chipped out. We are not sure if that will end up looking worse than it all ready is.
Do you think cleaning the areas and sealing with a quality sealer would be better?
Our warranty is nearing it's end very soon. I contacted them before Thanksgiving, but we are still waiting for them to fix it.



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Dec 18, 2014
Houston, Texas
My company is a pool builder and unfortunately we too have had this issue. We've tried everything, chipping seemed to be the best. First one we stripped and topped with cool decking but after about 3 months the rust started coming through. Chip method will leave pits but doesn't look bad unless you're looking for it. Just about the same as the rock popping off due to age. Most important thing to do is get it all removed otherwise it'll continue to show up.