Experiences repairing rust and painting a Modpool (shipping container pool) liner?


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Feb 9, 2020
Squamish, BC Canada
I just moved into a house which had an 8'x20' Modpool with a Fastlane Swimjet from Endless Pools installed about 18 months before we purchased it. Unfortunately the bolts holding the window had some rust and upon closer inspection I found some rust spots in the container wall near the window bolts (see attached photos). Are there any Modpool owners who have experienced this?

After contacting Modpools support I learned the warranty does not transfer from the original purchaser and they suggested some rust is not unusual although they did say they expect the liner to last 8-12 years. Since the pool was professionally maintained I was a bit frustrated but I really just want to get the pool back to prime shape for regular use and they suggested I drain the pool, patch the rust spots (as per a YouTube video they've created) and touch up or completely paint the inside.

Modpools provided the materials to re-do the liner. The paint is RhinoSeal HP from Rhino Flooring. Does anyone has experience working with this paint or has undertaken the job of repainting a container pool and has any suggestions or tips?



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Jun 29, 2016
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I have no advice, this is a new one. But very interested in seeing how the repairs go! Can you post more photos so we can see the rest of it?
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Feb 9, 2020
Squamish, BC Canada
Thank you for the reply. I'm hopeful that I'll get some more assistance from Modpools on how best to apply the paint. I'll report back as the project progresses. Next step, draining the pool.

Here's views of the pool with the cover open...

and how all the mechanicals are arranged under the "baja steps"...
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Sep 23, 2015
That is a wild looking pool!
I would guess repainting the rust spots will be the least of the task, as the water should not have gotten between the window and the outside frame in the first place. Please keep us updated!


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Sep 10, 2013
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Looking at the Rhino seal site it looks like it's a 2 part epoxy coating used for floors. Should just have to remove rust/convert rust, prime, and mix up the epoxy and coat it. I would consider replacing all the hardware also just not the rusted ones. I would assume there is some type of sealant on the hardware to keep it watertight. Looks like there was leaking around the hardware. Not sure if you could use stainless hardware or if it is just painted stainless hardware.
If the window isn't leaking you could just do one or two bolt heads at a time to hopefully not mess up the window seal if it's not leaking now.
So you are saying that the pool is only 18 months old and rusted that bad already? Sorry to hear that Modpools is not taking care of you because of not original owner.
Good luck and keep us updated.