Excess plaster?


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Jun 20, 2021
Our pool was filled yesterday 🥳

I’ve noticed a few spots where the plaster seems to be pretty excessive and very little aggregate is visible.

Our PB is contacting the installer our of finish (stonescapes mini midnight blue + dome abalone), but I’m curious if anyone here has had this issue and what the solution ended up being?

the corners are a nitpick but the shelf, steps and spa (as they are focal points) seem like this isn’t something I’ve seen in other peoples pools.


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Jul 21, 2013
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They will offer to drain the pool and do an acid wash to remove more cream and expose more aggregate. There is a fine line between too little and too much cream. The plaster is what holds the aggregate in place. The more you remove the cream the more chance you have of aggregate coming loose in the pool over time. Acid washing is not a precise process so it is better to error on too much then too little.
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