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May 15, 2007
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We just had our pool built over this horrible cold winter and we were really glad of the PB that we chose. We interviewed and researched over 3 well recognized names in the Frisco area and one that was a recommended custom builder. At the end, we went with the custom builder (surprisingly, their bid was in the same range with the other builders), and we couldn't be happier.

The owner of the company (http://www.mastercraftpools.com/) has been building pool for almost 40 years and is really experienced--a real character. Whenever a trades person showed up to do his part of the work during the pool build, I would always find time and chit chat with them. It was interesting to find out that all the trades have been working with him for at least 20 years and indicated in general conversation that Ted is one of the best pool builders around (despite that most the trades also work with other pool companies, they all indicated that when taking into consideration of experience, knowledge, demand on quality, and flexibility in one builder, Ted was the man).

I think for us the part we liked our pb the best was that being a first time pool buyer, despite our extensive research, there were just way too many things for someone to know and to be sure. It was great that Ted took on every question and every freak out that we had in stride and explained the pros and cons to our anxious questions around the pool building process, the equipment, the matrial used, and etc.

They were great!

We would recommend them to anyone that is considering building a pool!
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