Excavator in Cincinnati area


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
Are you building a pool? Are you trying to find different subs to do the work? If so then find one good one and ask them who they would use for all of the other areas of the build. I call it pulling strings..........one leads to another until you find a full set of subs to do the work.


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May 18, 2020
That's good advice. I'm looking into building a pool, but I cannot find a single sub to start with, unfortunately. And no pool store/builders will share their names with me of who they use.


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May 23, 2012
I agree with Kim Kats that is what we did. We got lucky though when we called a pool builder and the owner was out and someone gave us a list of contractors. Our excavator was instrumental in getting the pool kreate guy over on time. They all know each other and do work for multiple pool companies. One thought is to pretend you want a build done and ask to go see an active pool dig site to show what to expect. Then you may see who is digging.

Good luck.


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
That is a great idea up there.........also drive around and if you see a pool being built look for the trades truck with their number on it.


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Apr 14, 2018
Cincinnati, Ohio

I'm looking for a recommended excavating company in the greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area to dig the whole and pour concrete. Any suggestions?

We had our pool built in late 2018 by that big pool company in Eastgate. I just looked at my documents from the build and the excavator was M.R.K Excavating out of Milford. I watched him dig the pool and build up the yard, and the dude could have performed an appendectomy with his backhoe. He provided a customer letter that was comprehensive, and claims to have built nearly 3000 pools over the years with the company in Eastgate. Here is his contact info: https://www.manta.com/c/mmfzcw2/mrk-excavating-inc

As far as concrete, SolidForm Concrete in Lebanon, Ohio is the only company I would use - I had a very crappy patio poured 9 years ago, and after having the pool installed looked terrible. SolidForm removed my old patio and poured a gorgeous large stamped patio in it's place that ties into the pool deck nicely. Scott has a B.S. in engineering from UC, and runs a great business. He not only runs it, he does a ton of the hands on work and supervises each pour. He is very reasonable on his prices as well.

Good luck!
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