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Apr 10, 2008
Within the space of two weeks, our automatic pool cleaner (Aquabot) died, we bought a new one, our pump motor died, ordered a new motor, and then the NEW automatic pool cleaner died (it's faulty and we are in the process of returning it). In the meantime, my husband is having trouble getting a new gasket, which is the last key to getting the pool motor installed. Old gasket was deteriorated.

I need someone to help answer this debate on how best to keep this pool clean until we can get the new motor installed...
The pool is (obviously) growing some mustard algae. I say we need to continually shock and just let the dead Crud sit on the bottom. My husband wants to just let things go until we get the pump motor installed.

What would you guys do?


Aug 15, 2010
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Yikes, sounds like my luck. I would have to bring the fc up to shock level and brush, brush, brush. When my pump was down, I brought my fc up near shock level and got in the pool to brush and agitate manually... but I have been known to be too aggressive. It only took 2 days of trying to fill my pool, after a liner replacement, before it turned on me. The 3rd day I was able to finish filling and start my pump. One night of attack is all it took to get it under control. We have had some pretty hot days lately so my pool was greening pretty fast. As long as you have a short turn-a-round on the pump replacement, maybe it won't get too out of hand. Good luck, you'll be swimming soon...

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Welcome to TFP. :wave:

Keeper has the correct advice. Shock and brush. Brushing will mix the chlorine in the water.
In order to know your shock level you'll need to know your CYA (stabilizer) level. If you can post a set of test results we can help you more.

If you haven't already, read Pool School on how to shock your pool and learn to use the Pool Calculator. Come back with any questions.


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Apr 10, 2008
Thanks, you guys. I'm a "new user" but have been doing the BBB method for a few years now. Works beautifully for me.

I felt like shocking and brushing would be the only thing to work, but my hubby is a yankee (aka penny pincher :D) and doesn't think it's worth shocking over and over. He'd rather save the money and let it get swampy till pump is fixed. I can't stand seeing it looking anything but pristine. It is driving me bonkers!

Good news is that we believe the right gasket has finally arrived at the nearby pool store. Hubby picks it up today and will get it put back together. Cross your fingers for me that this is the right gasket!!

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