Essential tip for Intex owners trying to SLAM


Apr 23, 2015
Church Point, LA
Along the bottom perimeter of the intex pools is a seam. Most of my pool at least is pretty neatly done, but there are a few areas where there is excess material forming a flap of liner that traps stuff under it. No matter how much you go over it with a pool brush, some parts are really tight and will not flip over. I was SLAMing for about three weeks and couldn't figure out what was holding the water back from getting clear. After one week, it was a slightly hazy blue with a smidge of green. Two weeks later, still the same. Morning and night chem checks. Daily vacuum and brush, but still had that "is it dirt/pollen or is it algae brown "dust"" at the bottom. There were times where I thought I was making headway, but the next morning or the evening, would have it everywhere again. I even vac'd the pool to waste a several times with no luck. I started thinking about the flaps some more. I bought a $1.97 floor broom at walmart. Jammed it into the flap with a sweeping motion along the whole perimeter also trying to flip the flap over. There was about a two foot section that had algae guts spewing out. Low and behold, the pool cleared up in about 24 hours after I did this. Don't forget about those flaps. Next time I drain my pool, I'm going to cut the excess off the bad spots. I've gotten pretty comfortable with keeping a pool and me and my wife want more. I've been trying to design pools in solidworks that me and the wife agree on. Plan to build a concrete block pool much like Dave's, but probably in the 18x38 - 20x40 range.

Hope this helps someone.


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Jun 21, 2011
Tecumseh, OK
I absolutely hated that seam when we had our Intex pool!!!! By far a horrible design "flaw". Would make more sense to have that flap laying downward not upward so it didn't collect anything and everything. Very good tip because you are totally correct on it harboring algae and crud.


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Jul 2, 2015
Hamilton Michigan
Hate that little flap. But just a quick thought. Having the intex vacuum that hooks up to the return jet it would be very easy to hook just the hose up and use the pump to "power wash" all the stuff out from under it. Might have to give that a try this summer. Only downside I can think of off hand would be getting the hose too close and the pressure blowing out the seam.