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Jun 16, 2014
Forney Tx
I just GC'd my own pool. Everything is awesome except the schedule. I have a 29,000 gal. ag Cartridge Pentair with two Intelliflo Vs pumps. Pump #1 is the one that I have a schedule for which has the cleaner, skimmers and returns (filter pump) set up on the Intelliflo EasyTouch. Pump #2 is the Waterfall which I do not have scheduled. Every time the schedule comes on, the Waterfall comes on for 5 minutes, off for one , then repeats the process until the schedule for Pump #1 is over. I had two contractors come out and check the programming which is correct. What else could possibly make the Waterfall (Pump #2) come on during the schedule of Pump 1?


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX
My guess would be that both pumps have the same address, but that is just a guess because I only have one pump. If I understand correctly the pumps come pre-set at address #1 and if you have two pumps you need to change one of them to #2. This would be done at the pump, not at the easy touch control panel. My first troubleshooting step would be to ensure that the pumps have different addresses and then I'd determine if I could "manually" control each pump independently, from the easy touch menu. If you can manually make each pump do what you want, then logic says it has to be a scheduling/set up error.