Equipment pad rehab


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Nov 14, 2015
Chicagoland, IL
The poured concrete equipment pad is shifting, which is causing some pinching with equipment. We are thinking of attempting to mudpack/concrete level the pad, and to backfill around and install gravel to reduce the erosion that has gotten us to this point.

The pad came to us like this with the house, it was obvious the previous owners didn't complete the landscaping around things to secure it all.

We are thinking down the road to install a roof to protect the equipment from the sun, but honestly not sure if that would ever happen before we would need to replace any of the aboveground pipes and fittings.

But, to the original question - should we attempt to level the concrete?



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Jul 21, 2013
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The pump and the filter have unions and are easy to disconnect. It looks like the heater is on its own pad.

I would disconnect the equipment and move it off the pad, demo it, build a better base with maybe 6" of gravel, and pour a new pad.

I wonder if you have expansive soil because it is interesting the way your EasyTouch box is bowed at the bottom. It looks like things are moving and it is more then just a drainage and erosion issue.


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Nov 14, 2015
Chicagoland, IL
It's all one big pad - heater to pumps and control box. We do have a lot of mole/vole activity.
The building the pad is next to was built just a couple years before the pool, so I've wondered if there was settling around the foundation after the pad was poured?

We'll consider pulling and resetting everything. My other half who would be doing the labor is not interested ;)
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