Equipment pad layout weekend challenge.


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Mar 8, 2021
North Carolina
Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
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Hayward Turbo Cell (T-CELL-5)
For those that like laying out equipment have a weekend challenge project of a new install.

parameters listed below.
thanks in advance

Pad size max is 9’ long 4’ wide.
back of pad along wall of house.
proposed fence on the left end.
controller is located to the right of the pad on the wall.
Pool is located 40’ to the right of the pad.

Equipment, Hayward.
Tristar 900 vsp, 10” min pipe before pump
Swim clear 5030
hayward 400,000 btu ng heater
salt cell,
Flow meter/check valve.
water temp sensor.

All 2” piping
2 suction (skimmer, side intakes)
1 pool return line (3 returns in pool)
1 bubbler (bypass SWG, 2 bubblers)
1 laminar (bypass SWG, 4 laminars)
Heater to have bypass.
Hose bib to prime pump.
Drain to pump off excessive water.
your suggestions to add.


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Jul 3, 2013
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Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
CircuPool SJ-40
That is a great setup so far.. Once you have everything lay it out on the pad.. Try to give yourself as much room between things as you can, try to have the pumps easily removable and the filter at the front of the pad so you can easily change the cartridges...

Try to go left to right or right to left with suction to pressure plumbing

Then start dry fitting everything to make sure it all works

Use high temp pump unions like these 2 PACK -CMP Hi-Temp Union 2" inch 2MIP x 2" inch PVC Whisperflo & Intelliflo - 2 PACK: Garden & Outdoor

Use a 3 way Jandy neverlube valve for a backwash/water level valve as the cart filter does not have one

Use Jandy Neverlube valves for everything :)
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